Have a boat and want to make extra income with it for boat monthly payments, maintenance, storage, insurance, and docking slip fees? Boats are expensive and you may as well let it make you money when you’re not using it. Earn hundreds of dollars per day on days you don’t need it so others can help you pay these costs.

How it works: You can set your own hourly or daily pricing or look to our agents to make you a recommendation. Social Floats can help you rent out your boat to others and earn some cash! We can even provide professional boat drivers so you know your boat is in good hands, or you can drive for an extra fee to your customers. Think of Airbnb, but for daily boat rentals and guided tours.

It’s super easy: We make this as turnkey as possible for you. All you have to do is list your boat with a description and some pictures, capacity, price and a few other details and we’ll help advertise it so you get more bookings. We take care of advertising, logistics, drivers, payments and more so you just list and get paid!

Logistics: On the day of the booking just provide keys and basic instructions and we’ll ensure your boat is returned in the same or better condition. We can even make arrangements with a lock box, so you don’t even have to meet them for the keys and just get notified when a booking is made and get paid after.

Protect my boat: We have sample rental agreements, and customers can book and pay right on our site. We can also help you get daily rental insurance through providers as well and hold the renter’s credit card as a damage deposit.

How can I get started? Get started today and start cashing in on your boat when you’re not using it. With just 3 rentals a month you can pay nearly all your expenses of boat ownership!
  1. Go to https://socialfloats.com/create/?type=boat
    1. (from home page click list my boat in the upper right corner if this link doesn’t work)
  2. Register your username, email and password
  3. List your title, description, images, price (hourly or daily) contact details and location and you’re all set!
  4. When someone requests to book your makes a booking you will be notified to confirm and we’ll ensure your boat gets picked up and returned and you get paid!
Who can do this: We are based on Lake Minnetonka, MN, but are expanding globally, so if you or anyone you know is looking to make money renting out a boat, or as a driver anywhere in the world, contact us or register and list today! If you have questions, contact us, or give us a call 612-424-3569 and one of our reps would be happy to help.