What is a SocialFloats?

Social Floats is a boat rental service based on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota but is expanding globally. Get access to a variety of boats at great prices and even have a driver if you want (included in pricing)! If you have a boat you can list it and get paid when people rent it! It’s kind of like airbnb meets uber but for boat cruises. Gather your friends, coworkers, bachelor or bachelorette party and enjoy a day on the water. We drive, you party, or just enjoy the scenery!

How to Book:

Just click Request to book on one of our boats, check the calendar and click the make a reservation button. (48 hour notice is required for any instant bookings but you can message boat owners for shorter notice to see if they are available.) If you have questions, you and request to book as well. Select your number of hours, date, time and number of friends and you are all set! With rates starting for as little as $500/ half day you can cruise the lake in style ($50/ person for a group of 10). If you have more questions, send us an inquiry on a boat or make a reservation if available on the calendar.

What boats and tours are available?

Several boats are available ranging from a 22′ lounge style pontoon that seats up to 10 including driver, to  35′ luxury Cruiser Yacht that seats up to 15+ including driver. Both boats pickup and drop off at restaurants or public docks by request like Wayzata, Spring Park, Mound or Excelsior. You can select from a few hour tour to a full day and your captain can customize one for more or less hours if requested. That’s only $50-100/ person with a group of around 10 for a great day of fun on the lake!

Does Social Floats provide food or beverages?

You can BYOB, so bring whatever snacks or beverages that “floats your boat” you would like. Food and snacks are allowed for you to bring-in a small backpack. Coolers are not allowed to be loaded at most restaurants, but your driver can have a cooler available with ice if requested.

Do I need to bring a cooler or ice?

Your driver may have coolers available or you can bring your own. At most restaurants, loading coolers are not allowed, but a small backpack is for snacks!

What is the cancellation policy?

1 month+ is your entire money back minus admin booking fee, A 2-4 weeks rain check provided, 0-2 weeks is no refund unless otherwise specifically stated on the boat listing page. If bad weather or unsafe conditions are present, the captain will cancel tours and rain checks will be provided.

Where do we pickup and drop off guests?

Contact your driver to make arrangements for pickup at Excelsior, Wayzata, Spring Park and Mound as needed. 

How long are the tours?

Tours are typically scheduled every 4-8 hours. We will try to get as close to your hours as possible-but tours can last slightly less depending on traffic and boarding/ unboarding time.

Is there a bathroom on board?

Most boats do have an enclosed porta-potty available on board if needed. We can also stop at bars/restaurants if needed.

What is the capacity?

Larger luxury cruiser boats are certified up to 12 total guests and a maximum weight of around 2000 lbs with various comfortable lounge seating. The smaller boats have a capacity of 10 guests including driver and a total weight of 1500 lbs. You can book more than 1 boat if you need at least 12+ total people for your group!

What is the minimum number of people required?

As few as one person can rent the boat, but we always say the more the merrier! The price per person is less for the more people you have too, but we cannot exceed max capacity of 9 (pontoon) and 12-15 (cruiser).

Are Children allowed on the Social Floats Tour?

Yes we are kid friendly as long as they are 10 years or older and accompanied by an adult with no alcohol present. Children under the age of 13 are required to wear a life jacket onboard at all times.

Does SocialFloats do private parties?

Of course. Our tours are usually private groups so book, email or call us to get more details.

Do you provide the driver?

Yes we provide an experienced driver who knows how to navigate the lake, the many bays, channels, buoys, and handles docking, anchoring, steering, and might even show you a few things you might not have noticed on the lake like celebs houses or some history on the islands.

Are we allowed to tip the crew?

Absolutely, and they would certainly be grateful to you for your generosity.

What happens if I fall off?

We recommend that you can swim, and this is quite unlikely, but if you do fall off, the boat carries life jackets and rings to retrieve you. We do have a lilypad, floatable rafts, noodles and paddleboards available for rent too.

Is swimming allowed during the tour?

Yes but only when the boat is anchored with the motor off in a safe spot. No diving is allowed, but we encourage our guests to swim if they want. Who wouldn’t want to take a dip on a hot summers day, or to purify themselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka 🙂

What if it is raining on the day of tour?

We operate rain or shine. You’re on the water, so you shouldn’t mind getting a little wet! For your comfort, the boat has a bimini top over most of the deck. We are all about safety first though, so if thunder, lightning or heavy winds present themselves, the captain has the right to cancel the tour and offer a rain check.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry but no pets are allowed on cruises at this time.

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card online or via paypal right on the site. Find the boat you like, and if available on the calendar you can click the blue make a reservation button. (Just select pay with debit or credit card id you don’t have a paypal account on checkout). If you have questions, you may also send the owner an inquiry message.

All sales must follow the cancellation and refund policy. 1 month +  entire money back minus admin booking fee, 2-4 weeks rain check provided, 0-2 weeks no refund. In bad weather or with unsafe conditions the captain will cancel tours and rain checks will be provided.

Can I go fishing on the boat?

If you want to fish go for it as long as the boat owner is ok with that! You must have a MN fishing license, but we are all for allowing our guests to enjoy the experience on the lake. Most boat owners may not have equipment though so you would need to bring all your own rods, reels, nets, buckets, etc. Check with your driver.

How can I list my boat on Social Floats?

Get paid for others to rent your boat when you’re not! Have a boat and want to make extra income with it for maintenance, storage, insurance and docking slip fees? Boats are expensive and you may as well let it make you money when you’re not using it. Earn anywhere from $100 – $1000+/ day.

How does listing a boat for rent work?

You can set your own hourly or daily pricing. Social Floats can help you rent out your boat to others and earn some cash! We may even be able to help you find experienced boat drivers so you know your boat is in good hands, or you can drive yourself for your customers.

What do I have to do to rent out my boat?

All you have to do is list your boat from anywhere in the world with a description and some pictures, and we’ll help advertise it so you get more bookings. On the day of the booking just provide keys to the driver or meet the guests at the arranged pick up point and provide basic instructions.

How is my boat protected if I rent it out on Social Floats?

 We have sample rental agreements available, and customers can book and pay securely right on our site. We can hold the renter’s credit card as a damage deposit. Start cashing in on your boat on days it is just waiting to be used.

How can I apply to become a driver?

Are you looking for a cool summer job? Social Floats is always looking for good boat drivers to join our fleet. Get paid to drive boats around Lake Minnetonka ranging from pontoons to luxury cruisers! Must have knowledge on how to operate a 22-24′ boat with a clear driving record. Hours would be flexible when clients request tours, but would primarily be on evenings and weekends for most bachelor/ bachelorette parties, corporate outings, and groups of friends. A typical tour would be for 4 or 8 hours. Please reply to with relevant experience, contact info, and availability.

Do I need insurance to rent a boat?

If you’re renting a boat, you should check with the boat owner to see if they have the proper insurance.

It’s our policy to not offer advice about insurance or compliance with regulations and requirements as these vary by location. When owners sign up, they agree that they are compliant and take complete responsibility for compliance as part of our terms of use.

It is important to know that Social Floats does not offer any insurance for bookings. Any insurance questions should be handled directly by a customer and owner since policies, laws, and regulations vary from state to state and by country.