What: Social Floats is a peer to peer boat rental marketplace based on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota but is expanding globally. Think of Airbnb meets Uber but just for boats where users can list and rent each others boats seamlessly.

Why: The average boat is only used 5-10% of the year so we wanted to allow others to use a variety of boats when the owners aren’t using them. It helps boat owners earn some income and cover the cost of the boat and provides others access to boats without all the headaches and costs of ownership and maintenance. It’s a win-win for owners and renters and is just another way of connecting people in the sharing economy.

How to Rent: If you want to rent someone else’s boat you can go on the site, select the boat, date and times you want and checkout. It’s as simple as that. We even have experienced drivers available and included in our current boats pricing who know the lake, take care of the driving in traffic (so you can enjoy some drinks), docking, anchoring and navigating so you can relax and enjoy the experience and scenery with your group. It can be a bit stressful on busy days with heavy traffic, and can be stressful for newer drivers who are learning about all the buoys, no wake zones and rules and regulations on the lake so we take care of all that for you!

How to List: On the other side if you have a boat you want to rent out on any lake or body of water when you’re not using it you can list it on our site and make extra money by renting it out to pay for boat loans, slips, maintenance, storage, gas and insurance. We have experienced drivers, hold a card as a damage deposit, and daily renter insurance is available so you know your boat is in good hands and will return it just how it was before full of gas. Our drivers can even return the keys back in a lock box so you don’t have to do anything other than get notified of a booking and get paid!

When/ Where: We wanted to bring more people together by boating on Lake Minnetonka and make it an easier and more accessible experience for everyone so we started the site in Spring of 2017. We are definitely looking for more boat owners to list their boats and for more experienced drivers so stop by socialfloats.com to rent boats, list your boat, or become a driver!

Who: Paul Shagalov and Mike Viaene are boat owners and entrepreneurs and realized there was an opportunity to connect boat owners and renters to help more get out on the water! We love boating and Lake Minnetonka is such a great lake, we were wondering how we could make awesome boating experiences more accessible and affordable for everyone so Social Floats was born.

Tours: Brewery tours: Wayzata Brew works, Excelsior brewing and a third one opening in Mound (Back Channel Brewing) later this year, wine tasting tours, island tours, around the lake tour, and learn about the history and maybe even see some celebrity homes on the lake!

Boats: Right now we have several to choose from ranging from a 22’ cruise style pontoon with a capacity of 10 up to a 32’ luxury Sea Ray Cruiser up to 15 on the lake. Pricing is about $125-200/ hour including the boat, driver, fuel, insurance, ice which breaks down to be just $12-15/ person/ hour for about 10 people. $50-100 per person for a half or full day of fun on the lake! We are looking for new boats to be added soon!